A Clean and Safe Kitchen. Why Choose Just One?

Say Good Riddance to Grease

You know the dangers posed by kitchen grease. Aside from it impacting cleanliness, it also causes slips, falls, and injuries that don’t just affect the livelihood of your staff, but can damage your reputation and cause serious financial turmoil. Letting grease and grime get the best of your kitchen is not an option.

Slips and falls are the number one accident in the foodservice industry, accounting for 57% of all general liability claims.

Source: Busche, Linda. “Slip and Fall Claims Lead the List of Restaurant General Liability Insurance Claims.” Restaurant Insurance Corporation. December 6, 2004.

Don’t Slip on Kitchen Cleaning & Degreasing

Beyond sanitary reasons, taking control of kitchen grease on floors, counters, and stainless steel is an immensely important safety factor in the prevention of work-related accidents. Fight grease and grime with CloroxPro's kitchen degreaser products, and create a safe environment for your guests and employees.