Say Goodbye to Germs and Hello to a Stress-Free Breakroom

Get Tough on Germs So Break Time is Easy

Break time is about relaxation. And the first step towards ensuring your employees enjoy their opportunity to recharge is a welcoming breakroom. Break time leads to a happier, more productive office. And a clean, disinfected breakroom leads to a healthier staff environment.

Research shows that breakroom surfaces are breeding grounds for germs. A recent study found harmful germs on:

75% of breakroom sink faucet handles, 48% of microwave door handles, 26% of refrigerator door handles

Source: Reynolds, K. A., Beamer, P. I., Plotkin, K. R., Sifuentes, L. Y., Koenig, D. W., & Gerba, C. P. (2016). The healthy workplace project: Reduced viral exposure in an office setting. Archives of Environmental & Occupational Health, 71(3), 157–162.

Don’t Let Break Time Come Back to Bite You

A refreshing break increases productivity. But an illness caused by germs contracted in the breakroom can negate that increase, causing sick days. With a wide array of multi-use cleaners, disinfectants, waste management and water filtration products, Clorox Pro has everything you need to face any breakroom challenge head-on.

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