Illness in Schools Has a Domino Effect

Keep Your Classrooms Full and Safe

When infection and illness rear their ugly heads, absenteeism can run rampant. And if students aren’t in the classroom, learning becomes much more difficult. That’s why a thorough cleaning and disinfecting regimen that promotes a healthy educational environment is crucial to the success of your school.

Every school year, elementary school students contract and spread anywhere from 8 to 10 cold and/or flu cases. The result? 60 million lost school days and $4.2 billion of lost annual income.


Attendance Matters

Absent students can impact more than just classroom performance—they can affect graduation rates and budgets, too. CloroxPro offers effective and odorless school cleaning and disinfecting products designed for easy use by staff and faculty to kill germs on surfaces. Together, we can make sure your school's operation is healthy and performing at its absolute best.