Creating an Environment Where Patients, Staff and Visitors Can Thrive

Partnering with You to Eliminate the Environment as a Source of Infection

No patient should leave a hospital sicker than when they got there, and nothing should interfere with healthcare professionals caring for patients — especially the environment.

12% of patients acquire an infection or other avoidable complication during hospital stays, a percentage that costs the U.S. healthcare industry $30 billion annually.

Source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Saving Lives and Saving Money: Hospital-Acquired Conditions Update. 2010-2014; CDC HAI Data and Statistics

Infection Happens Everywhere. But Not If You Can Help It.

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are transmitted on hard and soft surfaces in patient and exam rooms, waiting and reception areas, and around work stations. We provide an integrated approach that combines manual surface cleaners with advanced technologies, ensuring your space is equipped to fight off HAIs at every turn.