Germs Spread Fast. Make Sure Your Disinfection Plan Works Faster.

Conquer Germs & Eliminate the Threat

Germs set up shop on nearly every surface in your workplace, making disinfection and sanitization important responsibilities. Keeping your business looking and smelling clean is one thing, but being clean is another. Don’t stop at aesthetics—take your cleaning routine to the next level with the ultimate disinfection by preventing the spread of germs and creating a safer environment for staff and customers.

Bacteria like MRSA can survive on fabrics for up to one month, and be transferred to and from fabric cushions to people.

Sources: Neely, A. N., & Maley, M. P. (2000). Survival of enterococci and staphylococci on hospital fabrics and plastic. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 38(2), 724–726; Sexton, J., Lybert, L., & Reynolds, K. (2015). Rapid Microbial Tracer Movement to Soft Surfaces Throughout Patient Care Areas and the Role of Mixed Surfaces in Infection Prevention. American Journal of Infection Control, 43(6), S13–S14.

Take a Total Approach to Cleaning

Become a pioneer in both cleanliness and disinfection—not a breeding ground for bacteria. When you’re considering a cleaning strategy, your goal should be threefold: Create an environment that’s pleasant, safe and outbreak-free. With a partner like CloroxPro, you have access to a wide-ranging portfolio of proven disinfection and sanitization products.