DCS Superintendent Addresses Coronavirus, Launches New Website

https://www.cloroxpro.com/news-events/dcs-superintendent-addresses-coronavirus-launches-new-website/ March 15, 2020
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“We’ve had county-wide meetings to address where we are currently and possibility of plans,” Farrelly said. That day, Governor Cooper had declared a state of emergency to provide and allocate resources as necessary to expedite mitigation efforts. Farrelly said at that point, the school system was looking into obtaining a Clorox Total 360 machine for the schools. Farrelly said the machine “in less than 3 minutes disinfect an entire classroom and can do a school in about 3 hours.” The machine is about $5,000. Due to circumstances, Farrelly said they were struggling to get a Clorox Total 360 soon, but making efforts to do so.

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