Being the third-generation owner of my family business means 30 years of experience, a strong reputation, and a track record of growth. It also means I inherited two generations worth of bad habits and a lot of “that’s just how we do things.” Over the years I had done my best to course correct from some of the more outdated traditions. These roots ran deep and were generously entangled with our daily operations. In March of 2020, as the restrictions and lockdowns rolled out, our 24/7 operation sat still. The dust settled and we watched and waited. In that stillness, we could see our business with new clarity. We could see every detail almost as though we were on the outside looking in. As we analyzed this snapshot of our processes, what was clearest to see were the missteps and weaknesses.

Somewhere in those first few days we found ourselves in a fortuitous position. Our unique geography gave us opportunity with the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Serving these clients had long been part of our operation, which included servicing several “clean rooms” and labs with strict standard operating procedures that required special training. We had the experience and know-how on how to enter, service and exit a controlled environment. This positioned us perfectly to take on calls for corrective disinfection for COVID-19 exposure as well as implementing appropriate preventive measures for our essential business clients. In a time of incredible unknowns and washing down every piece of grocery you could wrestle out of a store, we found comfort in knowing we could adapt and continue to help customers where they needed us most.

The calls began to roll in from prospective customers wanting to increase preventive measures or address a positive COVID case in the workplace. However, we only had a few employees who were trained in these special disinfection protocols. We had to scale up our work force and train others to meet the moment. The most critical points were safety, followed by product knowledge, application and order of tasks. With those training points in mind, it became painfully clear that these concepts are not unique to a particular facility type. These concepts should be applied throughout our company. I questioned, “Why did it take a global crisis to identify this?”

We needed comprehensive and foundational training for everyone on our team. We needed something that could provide staff with a knowledge base that could then be built upon with advanced training. Accomplishing this would also mean greater ease in transitioning employees to other assignments or new clients. Not just as a business owner, but as a community member, the greatest benefit would be knowing I’ve equipped my work force with the best tool available: Knowledge.

I could find trainings available, but I found them segmented and focused on only certain aspects of the job. We needed a well-rounded offering, and with the new level of risk in our daily lives, we had to be sure that the information was being absorbed and understood by the learner.

CloroxPro has achieved this incredible game-changing task. As a member of the advisory board, I’ve been hands-on through its development. It has allowed me to bring my unique perspective as a small business owner and building service contractor (BSC). Our goal is to bring the highest quality of education to deliver proven results and engage the learner in an unprecedented way. The CloroxPro™ HealthyClean™ Trained Specialist Certificate Course is backed by industry leading knowledge and carries accreditation by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). This represents one of the highest standards in learning and takes a tremendous amount of effort to achieve. I found the content about cleaning for health indispensable to any skill level or position.

With the CloroxPro™ HealthyClean™ Trained Specialist Certificate Course, each employee no longer needs to be keyed into 30 years of experience and mistakes. We can start everyone off with a solid base of knowledge and bring our whole team forward. The course is fundamental while still providing high-level detail and knowledge. To our customers, it validates our skill and represents our commitment to quality and service. To my team it offers a new perspective into a career path through growth and mastery of the trade. The modules are flexible, allowing each employee to go at their own pace, and can be completed on virtually any smart device.

The COVID lockdowns may have paused business momentarily, but through these trainings, our business has never stopped progressing.