Electrostatic Technology: A New Method for Surface Disinfection

This webinar will discuss a new method of applying surface disinfectants, called electrostatic spray technology. The major differences between electrostatic sprayers and other technologies will be covered, as well as a deep dive into how to select and use an electrostatic sprayer in your facility. Research studies relating to electrostatic technology will also be covered.

Learning Objectives
After this course participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the history of electrostatic technology, how electrostatic technology works, and how it is used for surface disinfection.
  2. Examine the difference between electrostatic technology and other technologies used for surface disinfection.
  3. Describe the published research studies on electrostatic technology.
  4. Identify places in your facility where you can use electrostatic technology to enhance your disinfection protocols.
  5. Learn the key features of electrostatic sprayers, including what to look for when choosing between different types of electrostatics sprayers.