Rethinking Infection Vigilance in a Post-Pandemic World – Panel Webinar

The global COVID-19 pandemic, with its still unfolding morbidity and mortality consequences and lethal potential, has further raised the bar on already-conscientious nurses and other healthcare providers at the patient point of care. The very technology which has vastly improved patient outcomes, facilitated patient tracking and diagnosis, and greatly diminished the risk of medical error, does itself present a source of infection if not considered in the same realm as other contamination risks.

Nurses and other providers present the best chance of establishing an infection firewall for their patients by:

  • more broadly perceiving the potential sources of unanticipated infection risks
  • owning the responsibility for taking action to apply the appropriate disinfection protocols
  • becoming even more effective champions of infection risk awareness and education to their peers

The moderated webinar included five panelists and was sponsored by HP and American Nurse.