Save Money, Save Time, and Disinfect More Efficiently with Ready-to-Use Products

Learning Objectives:
Professional cleaning teams are expected to accomplish more with less. Stress, burnout, and increasing prices are taking a toll on cleaning teams while building occupants continue to have greater expectations for cleanliness in public spaces. In this webinar, Clorox scientists will share data-based solutions to help your cleaning teams save time and money while disinfecting more efficiently with ready-to-use products.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • List several pathogens that are commonly spread via contaminated surfaces in public spaces.
  • Know that some pathogens are harder to kill with disinfectants than others.
  • Explain why surfaces need to stay wet long enough to reach the disinfectant contact time.
  • Understand how the contact time of a disinfectant impacts the time it takes a frontline cleaner to disinfect an area.
  • Understand why the most affordable disinfectant solution is often the one with the shortest contact time.

Event Date / Time: On Demand

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