Part 1: Cleaning and Disinfection Tidbits I Wish I’d Known as a Novice IP

Three-Part Series: Cleaning & Disinfection - From Basics to Innovation

Series Description:
In this three-part webinar series, we will lay the foundation for what all Infection Preventionists (IPs) need to know about cleaning and disinfection, build upon the basics to explore how environmental cleaning and disinfection has changed with the pandemic and look to the future to explore innovations that may evolve how IPs address key challenges. This series is great for all infection preventionists but may be especially valuable to those new to the role — in both acute and long-term care.

Webinar Title: Part 1: Bringing it Back to the Basics — Cleaning and Disinfection Tidbits I Wish I’d Known as a Novice IP

Webinar Objectives:

  • Describe the key differences between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting including factors affecting product efficacy
  • Evaluate a cleaning and disinfecting product to see if it meets your facility’s need
  • Identify the critical steps for proper cleaning and disinfection and the importance of each
  • Recognize and apply new strategic methods to engage staff and improve compliance

Webinar Overview:

As healthcare facilities and IPs adapted to the changing world and shifted into a “new normal”, some fundamentals of infection prevention have been lost in the shuffle. Although times have changed, the basics of cleaning and disinfection remain the foundation that drives healthy environmental practices. For this important work to continue, there is a need to bring a focus back on these basic, but critical, infection prevention principles.

This webinar will provide a unique perspective on the fundamentals of environmental cleaning and disinfection and introduce novel strategies to increase healthcare compliance. These basic building blocks are key to establishing a successful environmental cleaning and disinfection program.

Participants will learn about:

  • The core infection prevention competencies of cleaning and disinfection
  • Product efficacy and the science behind disinfection
  • Finding and interpreting EPA-registered disinfectant master and product labels, and Safety Data Sheets and the differences between them
  • Strategies and tips to support cleaning and disinfection compliance in healthcare environments

This webinar aims to re-emphasize the importance of adhering to the basics of environmental cleaning and disinfection. A brief background on the topic, personal anecdotes, and tips and tricks to increase compliance will be shared by an experienced IP.

Event Date / Time: On Demand