Advance Your EVS Career with a New Certificate in Healthcare Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection

Environmental service (EVS) professionals play a crucial role in infection prevention and control by eliminating the environment as a source of infection. Continuing education helps EVS leaders bring their “A-game” and help their teams perform at the highest level possible. Because of this, Clorox Healthcare® is happy to introduce a new best-in-class microlearning module that is part of our CloroxPro HealthyClean® online learning platform. EVS professionals will benefit from this interactive course created to deepen understanding of healthcare-specific cleaning and disinfection. We collaborated with instructional designers to ensure that the needs of adult learners are met. No products are promoted in this short training — it includes only the essentials on what busy EVS professional need to know.

Because healthcare operations are incredibly complex, continuing education is a given for professionals working in healthcare. Healthcare EVS have a very serious mission: keeping patients, visitors, and healthcare workers free from exposure to infection-causing pathogens. Healthcare EVS must understand how pathogens are transmitted within their facilities — including from contaminated environmental surfaces. Cleaning healthcare spaces, like operating rooms and isolation rooms, requires a very specialized skill set that can only be achieved through ongoing education and training. Time spent on education and training is never in vain. The benefits include improved skills and possible career advancement. When an employee adds skills to their “toolbox”, their value to their employer is increased. Additionally, relevant certificates demonstrate to future employers skills that the competition may not have.

What will participants learn in this new training titled “An Introduction to Cleaning and Disinfection in a Healthcare Setting”? Available in both English and Spanish, this course addresses both the need and the nuances of cleaning and disinfecting in this specialized setting and includes some of the different types of cleaning (e.g., occupied, terminal, isolation, etc.). Additionally, participants are pointed to several great resources and there are even a few case studies to help the learner to apply the lessons learned. More specifically, participants will learn:

  • What infection prevention and control (IPC) is
  • The role that EVS play in IPC in a healthcare setting
  • What a healthcare-associated infection (HAI) is
  • The standard precautions and transmission-based precautions used to prevent HAIs
  • Best practiced when cleaning and disinfecting patient areas

This module meets many of the same quality training standards that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has established for their trainers and educators.1 This includes content that is accurate and relevant and that provides opportunities for learner engagement. Upon completion of this training and passing a short quiz, the participant will receive a certificate of completion. Course completion can be added to one’s resume and the certificate can proudly be displayed in an office or even on LinkedIn for all to see. And if interested, we also offer a HealthyClean Trained Specialist course for frontline EVS that is accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

For a limited time, you can access the New Healthcare Microlearning Module at no cost by registering here and entering promo code 0323 at checkout. If you have any question or need any help registering, contact the CloroxPro HealthyClean Certificate Program Team at


1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Training Development: Quality Training Standards [Internet]. [Cited 2023 Feb 13]. Available from CDC.