Surface Compatibility

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Compatibility on Healthcare Surfaces


Compatibility on Healthcare Surfaces

Surfaces and medical equipment found in the healthcare environment are made up of many different types of metals, plastics and polymers. The compatibility of these materials with commonly used liquid cleaners and disinfectants is critical to ensure that surfaces and equipment look good and function correctly.

Clorox Healthcare provides a number of educational and informational resources, materials compatibility guidelines and information on medical device endorsements to help you make the best disinfectant choices to keep surfaces and equipment clean, and to protect the patient environment.

Materials Compatibility Charts

Clorox scientists have evaluated the compatibility of many of our most frequently used healthcare disinfectants with the materials most commonly found in the healthcare environment. Download the disinfectant compatibility chart to see how well our disinfectants will perform on these materials.

Compatibility with Medical Devices

Every manufacturer of medical devices and equipment should include in their directions for use, comprehensive maintenance guidelines that include instructions on how to clean and disinfect. Ideally, guidelines should list specific cleaning and disinfectant products that the manufacturer has evaluated for compatibility, but often, only products containing active ingredients such as sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide or quaternary ammonium chloride may be listed.

Are medical devices and equipment compatible with your disinfectant? What to ask manufacturers.

This resource provides a list of questions and talking points to consider when purchasing medical devices or when you are seeking information from manufacturers on maintenance. We also encourage our customers to speak with medical equipment manufacturers about the importance of designing equipment that can be effectively disinfected.


Medical devices with endorsement for use of Clorox Healthcare disinfectants

There are many thousands of medical devices and pieces of equipment in use in facilities. Clorox Healthcare works with some of the leading medical equipment manufacturers to test our disinfectants on their equipment with the goal of getting Clorox Healthcare products listed on cleaning and maintenance guidelines.

This is an ongoing activity and we are continually updating the list of manufacturer endorsements as devices and equipment are tested for compatibility with our new and existing disinfectants. Browse by equipment type to see which manufacturers have endorsed the use of Clorox Healthcare disinfectants on their medical devices and equipment. There may be other devices and equipment with endorsements for Clorox Healthcare products not listed here, so always check guidelines to see how best to clean and disinfect.