Vince McMahon and Triple H Detail Safety Measures Taken by WWE During Coronavirus Pandemic

“As far as testing is concerned, we do everything imaginable,” said Vince McMahon on the 2020 first-quarter earnings call. “You can’t even come on the premises if you have a fever, obviously. We have this whole form you have to fill out, and you have to do it every week, in terms of whether or not you’ve been exposed. It’s a whole long form. We’re doing everything we can for safety and making sure the environment is as good as it possibly can be, not only monitoring our talent and employees as well, anyone who is at the training facility. We’re very careful of how many people are in and out at one time. We put talent in a sequestered hotel. We’re performing in small groups, in terms of waves, as far as in-ring is concerned. We change the turnbuckles and the ropes between matches. We have a ‘pandemic cleaning’ on a very frequent basis. The Clorox 360 stuff, we have something additional as well.”

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