This Is the Germiest Spot in Your Car (And It’s Surprisingly Not the Steering Wheel)

Take a guess: what do you think the germiest spot in your car is? According to a recent online survey of 1,271 U.S. adults conducted by CloroxPro, Baby Boomers (65 percent) and Gen Xers (67 percent) were most likely to think that the steering wheel was the germiest spot in their cars. After the steering wheel, most of those surveyed assumed that the driver's side door handle would also be a hotbed of bacteria. While the survey shows that most of us predict that the areas of the car interior we touch most often will be the germiest, a swab test for bacteria, yeast, and mold revealed some very different results. Below are four of the scientifically-proven germiest areas in your car, plus how to disinfect them properly.

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