The Doctor Is In: Giving the NFL Training Facility a Check-Up

Club should try to move all workout equipment outside or to a well-ventilated area. All equipment must be disinfected each day before the first workout and after each participant’s workout using hospital-grade EPA List N disinfectants. They need to have hand sanitization stations and wipes near all of the equipment for players to use during workouts. Players shall use hand sanitizer after using each piece of equipment. Any equipment that can’t be cleaned (i.e., chalk bucket) can’t be shared. Players don’t have to wear masks while working out (although they’re encouraged to) but any coaches present need to do so. Clubs must also provide masks for players for use during workouts (although use must be strongly encouraged, it is not mandatory). At the conclusion of all workouts, clubs must thoroughly clean all training equipment, preferably with an electrostatic disinfection process (i.e. Clorox 360) or use of vaporized hydrogen peroxide.

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