Commonly Used Disinfectants Varied in Efficacy Against Candida auris

Overall, five chlorine-based disinfectants (Clorox Healthcare bleach germicidal cleaner, Clorox germicidal bleach wipe, Clorox Dispatch Hospital cleaner disinfectant, PDI Sani-Cloth bleach germicidal disposable wipe and Artemis BioSolutions Defender disinfectant) and the peracetic-acid-based disinfectant (EcoLab OxyCide daily disinfectant) consistently reduced all C. auris strains and C. albicans by greater than 5 log10, whereas three hydrogen-peroxide-based disinfectants reduced all the test strains by greater than 5 log10 (Clorox Healthcare hydrogen-peroxide cleaner disinfectant, Diversey Oxivir TB and PDI Sani-Hypercide).

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