Clorox Professional Products Company and AutoNation Partner to Introduce PrecisionCare Powered by Clorox® Total 360®

PLEASANTON, Calif. — Clorox Professional Products Company is proud to announce that it has partnered with AutoNation to introduce PrecisionCare powered by Clorox® Total360®, a revolutionary sanitizing system designed to enable cleaner, healthier, safer vehicles. The innovative system uses patented electrostatic technology combined with Clorox® products to quickly and easily kill 19 of the most common illness-causing germs.

American drivers spend an average of more than 47 minutes each day and 294 hours each year behind the wheel,1 but few realize that vehicle interiors can be hotbeds for germs. In one report, swab-testing found more microorganisms on seat belts, door handles and window buttons in rideshare vehicles and on the steering wheel, gear shift and seat belts in rental cars than on public restroom surfaces.2 Even in private vehicles, researchers have found an average of 700 bacteria per 10 square centimeters in car interiors, more than eight times the average found on public restroom surfaces.3

“As America’s largest automotive retailer, AutoNation has serviced over 40 million vehicles, and as an industry leader, we hold ourselves to higher standards and take our customer’s safety, wellness and peace of mind very seriously,” said Scott Arnold, Executive Vice President, Customer Care and Brand Extensions, AutoNation. “With PrecisionCare powered by Clorox® Total 360®, we are partnering with one of the most recognized and trusted names in cleaning to help make each one of our customer’s vehicles cleaner, healthier and safer for drivers and passengers alike.”

Through the partnership, PrecisionCare powered by Clorox® Total 360® will be available to customers at more than 240 AutoNation locations coast to coast. PrecisionCare powered by Clorox® Total 360® will also be available to auto dealers, repair shops, rental car companies, professional fleets and livery services through AutoNation’s Wholesale Parts Network, which provides both OEM and aftermarket solutions to its customers. The introduction of the product in the marketplace will begin in the first quarter of 2019.

“This is an exciting partnership because it allows our two companies to help address an important unmet need and have a positive impact on people’s lives,” said Kyra Zeroll, Director of Marketing, CloroxPro. “Whether you drive your car for a rideshare service or use it for commuting, carpools, cruising around town, or taking loved ones to the doctor or vet, PrecisionCare powered by Clorox® Total360® can help you feel confident that you’ve gone the extra mile to protect yourself and your passengers from illness-causing germs.”

PrecisionCare powered by Clorox® Total 360® works by charging the Clorox® sanitizing solution, so that when sprayed, it is attracted to and uniformly coats surfaces, including hard to reach areas that conventional cleaning might miss. Designed to work quickly and efficiently, the system can be used to sanitize an average vehicle in just a few minutes, using up to 65 percent less product compared with traditional trigger-spray products per square foot.

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AutoNation, America’s largest automotive retailer, is transforming the automotive industry through its bold leadership, innovation, and comprehensive brand extensions. As of December 31, 2018, AutoNation owned and operated over 325 locations from coast to coast. AutoNation has sold 12 million vehicles, the first automotive retailer to reach this milestone. AutoNation’s success is driven by a commitment to delivering a peerless experience through customer-focused sales and service processes. Through its DRV PNK initiative, AutoNation is committed to drive out cancer, create awareness and support critical research. AutoNation continues to be a proud supporter of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and other cancer-related charities.

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