Smart Disinfection: A New Approach to Disinfecting to Help You Clean for Health

Webinar Objectives:

  • Review the concept of Cleaning for Health & why it’s important
  • Introduce Smart Disinfection & why it’s needed
  • Understand the How, When and Where components of Smart Disinfection
  • Recognize some ways to use Smart Disinfection and where you can get additional resources

Webinar Overview:

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all more cognizant of the importance of Cleaning for Health. As America continues to re-open and resume life in the “new normal,” it is important to remind ourselves that there are illnesses such as the Flu, Norovirus and MRSA that can transmit from surfaces. Thorough disinfection helps to prevent the spread of such germs, but resource constraints are real. Facilities need to adopt a cleaning and disinfection plan that is both effective AND efficient. This webinar explains what Smart Disinfection is and how it can help you establish a plan for when, where, and how to disinfect that aligns to the level of risk in your facility and your available resources.

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Event Date / Time: On Demand