Preparing for the “New Normal”

What is the “New Normal" of Cleaning & Disinfecting?


What is the “New Normal" of Cleaning & Disinfecting?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all more aware of measures to prevent the spread of respiratory illness causing germs. Research shows that more than 50% of consumers believe that increased cleaning and disinfecting in businesses and public spaces is a permanent shift.1 Whether dining at a restaurant, taking public transit or sending children to school, people need to feel confident that public and shared spaces are safe. We now have an opportunity to use the learnings from the pandemic to establish a “NEW normal” where we all can thrive.

Whether you’re reopening your facility or looking for ongoing guidance to maintain a safer, healthier space during cold and flu season, CloroxPro has the products, tools and education to enhance your approach to cleaning and disinfecting.

For the latest information on COVID-19 and variants, visit our CloroxPro COVID-19 Hub.

Product Information

Cleaning for health requires selecting the right products for the job, and CloroxPro offers a broad portfolio of disinfectants to meet the needs of your facility. Our line of electrostatic sprayers, including the Clorox® Total 360® System enables fast, thorough disinfection of large spaces, such as schools, office spaces and athletic facilities. Our wipes, sprays and liquids enable quick touch-ups throughout the day, targeted solutions for tough jobs, and the quality people expect from Clorox.


Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols

With heightened responsibility for cleaning and disinfecting, it’s more important than ever that your protocols are effective and efficient. CloroxPro recommends adopting a Smart Disinfection plan to optimize your resources. Smart Disinfection is an evidenced-based surface disinfection approach that targets disinfecting “higher risk areas” aiming to reduce pathogen transmission, maximize protection from the spread of infections and optimize the use of disinfectants.


Champions of Clean

Now more than ever, people want to know that buildings and public spaces have cleaning and disinfecting practices in place that help make the environment healthier and safer. In a recent study, nearly 50% of consumers say they feel more confident visiting a facility that is using familiar brands of cleaning & disinfecting products.1 Another study of 6,000 consumers revealed that Clorox is the #1 brand that consumers trust most for disinfecting businesses.2

CloroxPro created the Champions of Clean program to help our valued customers show THEIR customers and key stakeholders that they are using CloroxPro and Clorox Healthcare cleaning and disinfecting products in their facility. The program consists of tools such as posters, stickers and signs that can be placed around the facility as well as PR and communications support to help you build awareness of your dedication to cleanliness and public health.

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Training & Education

Proper training is critical for the success of any cleaning & disinfecting plan. Cleaning staffs need to know how to correctly use products, including appropriate safety measures, and how to optimize their time. The links below provide training on topics such as using electrostatic disinfection technology, education on pathogens and research studies.


Clorox Safer Today Alliance

Formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Clorox Safer Today Alliance™ is a coalition of leaders in health and wellness, dedicated to creating healthier public spaces.

We collaborate with Cleveland Clinic and the CDC Foundation to help leading brands in retail, entertainment, travel and transportation to create healthier and safer spaces for all their customers and employees. Current companies include United Airlines, Uber, AMC and more.

Learn more about the Clorox Safer Today Alliance™.


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