Practical Infection Control Considerations for the Secondary School Athletic Trainer

Practical Infection Control Considerations for the Secondary School Athletic Trainer August 16, 2021

Webinar Objectives:

  • Determine specific sanitation, disinfection, and hygiene tasks throughout their athletics program and assign responsibility for their completion. Describe how various infection control products work to kill pathogenic organisms and best procedures for different applications.
  • Assemble a professional team to develop policy and provide sanitation supplies, equipment, and services. Identify key individuals within their school district to cultivate an effective infection control team.
  • Develop policies and implement procedures to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases throughout their athletic program. Assess their facilities for potential sources of transmission, along with other sanitation and hygiene issues within their facility and program.
  • Identify regulatory entities that influence infection control in the provision of athletic health care services and governmental organizations that provide guidance for athletic facilities and understand their standards and recommendations.

Webinar Overview:

Identifying and minimizing potential sources of infection is an arduous, but important task in the secondary school setting. Athletic trainers face a variety of intervening challenges as they work to protect their athletes from illness. Utilizing the NATABOC Facility Principles Manual, the BOC Guiding Principles for AT Policy & Procedure Development Manual, and other resources, this presentation will address several areas for consideration when implementing an overall infection control program.

Event Date/Time: On Demand through September 30th, 2021