At the United Nations General Assembly the U.S. government launched the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Challenge, a yearlong effort to accelerate the fight against antimicrobial resistance across the globe that calls on governments, private industries and NGOs to make formal commitments that further progress against antimicrobial resistance.

At Clorox Healthcare we are proud to support the AMR Challenge with the following public commitment:

Why? Because in healthcare facilities, antimicrobial resistance can make common infections deadly and impossible to treat and we can help make a difference.

Clorox Healthcare’s AMR Challenge Commitment

Clorox Healthcare products are used by healthcare facilities nationwide to kill antimicrobial resistant organisms on environmental surfaces, which helps prevent infections and reduce the spread of resistant germs. Preventing infections from developing helps protect human health, prevent the health and financial consequences of disease, reduce the amount of antibiotics used, and prevent the spread of resistant organisms.

To that end, our commitment to the AMR Challenge includes actions that:

  • Improve infection prevention practices: Clorox Healthcare conducts its own research and supports external clinical and laboratory research into the reservoirs, vehicles and modes of pathogen transmission in healthcare settings and best practices for infection prevention and control. Through presentations at scientific meetings, publications in peer-reviewed journals and peer-to-peer sharing, this work adds to the knowledge base that informs the development of infection prevention and control guidelines and surface cleaning and disinfection practices implemented in healthcare facilities every day.
  • Make it easier to kill pathogens and reduce the spread of resistant germs: By providing best-in-class surface cleaning and disinfecting solutions and advanced technologies scientifically proven to kill resistant pathogens, continuously innovating to make effective infection prevention easier and more efficient, and supporting front-line healthcare providers and environmental services professionals with evidenced-based protocols, education and training.
  • Raise awareness of the need for infection prevention and stewardship and promote best practices: Antimicrobial resistance does not respect boundaries within and between hospitals and long-term care facilities, or distinguish between healthcare settings and other public and private spaces. As the manufacturer of leading cleaning and disinfecting brands, we will use our platform to raise awareness and communicate the importance of infection prevention and the responsible use of antibiotics to a broad audience.

We’ll be tracking our activities in support of our commitment throughout the year and look forward to sharing the results.